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Hi! I’m so glad you decided to learn more about me.  I’m Calley, the owner and editor of The Eco Chic blog.  I have been blogging on The Eco Chic since 2007 about eco-friendly living, cloth diapers, parenting, photography, and life in general.  Over the years I have worked with several small businesses to share their products, services, and ideas with my readers.  I have also provided social media consulting for many of my clients teaching them how to be successful in social media.  As a reader, I hope to bring you content that will educate and entertain you.  As a client and brand partner, I hope to help you reach out to others through my words and social media networks.  My loyal followers have been with me for years and I continue to reach out to new readers every day.  How can I help you?

My Stats:

Media Kit

  • Twitter: 13,348 followers.
  • Klout: 68-71 on average.
  • Facebook Fan Page: 11,900+.
  • Pinterest: 2,854 followers.
  • Instagram: 1,621
  • According to Alexa my audience are mostly females who are in the age range 25-34, have children, received some college education.

*Stats updated 03/15 (Click graphic for PDF version of media kit *updated 10/14)

How valuable is social media?

The Eco ChicI am a forty year old wife and mother of two beautiful babies.  Big B, our independent, Earth loving, boy is 11 yr old and complains if you don’t recycle.  Lil’ B is our sassy and spunky Kindergartner.  Born in January 2009, Lil’ B was our natural baby: breastfed for 2 years, worn for as long as she’d let me, and a cloth diaper graduate.  Daddy is your typical sports fanatic who thinks his wife is crazy!  But he supports me in everything that I do and for that I love him.  Me, well I obviously care about the environment and want to conserve our natural resources for future generations.  As a mother I want to lead by example in the hopes that my child will grow up with the knowledge and passion to make a difference.  We’re not perfect and we certainly don’t always live the green lifestyle we strive to live – but we try really hard to lead by example!

My passion growing up was the arts and the ocean.  After my initial pursuit in graphic design I decided to switch my career path to Biology.  I have a degree in Biology with a focus on aquatic ecosystems.  My professional life has opened the environmental world for me.  Until a few years ago I was working for a company as an environmental contractor for a government agency.  My job function was to implement and manage their environmental program and continually look for ways to improve and reduce their environmental footprint that they leave on this nation.  I have job experience in Hazardous Materials, Waste Prevention and Recycling, Green Purchasing, Energy Management, Water Management, Electronics Stewardship, Alternative Fuels, Environmental Management, Regulatory Compliance, Facilities Auditing, Training, and Outreach & Education.  Pretty much an eco-junkie!

In 2011 I made a career change and I’m now a Marketing & Social Media Manager for Kelly’s Closet cloth diaper retailer.  I’m so excited that I’ve been able to turn my passion for blogging and cloth diapers into a career.

The one thing I’ve learn through my life and career is that you have to make things easy.  I hope that I will be able to offer you common sense ideas that you can use to make a difference in your everyday lives.  I hope you enjoy my journey to minimize our impact, maximize our life, and make memories!

PR and Media Requests:  If you are interested in contacting me to feature your product(s) on The Eco Chic blog please email me; theecochic@gmail.com.  I can feature your product in a review, giveaway, or other social media campaign.  Ad space is also available for reasonable prices in my sidebar, leaderboard, below posts, and in my feeds.  Rates can be emailed upon request.  I also offer integrated social media marketing packages, social media consulting, and social media training for your company. I host Twitter Parties for eco-friendly products and companies.  If you’ve never attended one of my Twitter Parties please check them out.  They are fast paced, high energy, and will introduce your company or product to over 12,500 followers on Twitter alone.  My niche market is with the cloth diapering community which tends to also be very eco-friendly in their choices.  Some of my past clients include Rumparooz, EcoMom, Knickernappies, Franklin Goose, Rockin’ Green Soap, and Diaper Shops to name a few.  I’m always accepting new clients so please email me for more information.

Disclosure: I am currently working with Diaper Shops on some integrated marketing projects.  You may click the following link to view my entire privacy policy and disclosure policy;  http://www.theecochic.com/disclosure-policy/.

email: theecochic@gmail.com – Calley
twitter: www.twitter.com/theecochic
facebook: www.facebook.com/theecochic
pinterest:  http://pinterest.com/theecochic/
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You can also find me writing regularly on the DiaperShops.com blog and Tampa Bay Moms Blog.  I’ve also been published in Veritas Wellness magazine (Winter 2011/12), Kaia Magazine (Spring 2012), Green Child Magazine (April 2014Sept 2013, Aug 2012, and April 2012).  I’ve been featured in the Changing Diapers, A Hip Mom’s Guide to Cloth Diapers book by Kelly Wels and the newly released Plastic Free book by Beth Terry.

Photo credit: Thank you to Haye’s Studios in Palm Harbor, FL for their fabulous work and professionalism.


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