8 Things I Can Teach You About Social Media

Do you have a small business and just don’t understand how to use social media (or how to find the time to do it)?  Are you a new blogger and not sure what blogging tools will work best for you?

8 Things I Can Teach You About Social Media

  1. What blogging platform should you use?  Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, Type Pad, or one of the many other platforms.  I can explain how these different platforms work and which one will be best for you.
  2. How often and what should you blog about?  You should be consistent with your blogging.  Create an editorial calendar and plan out what you blog posts will be about.  It is recommended that you blog a few times a week but the more you blog the more traffic that you will generate.
  3. How do you ethically grow you Facebook, Twitter, and other social media followers?  How and where are you sharing your information with your readers or customers?  One tip: Don’t spam other business or blogs Facebook pages with links and requests to “Like” or follow you.  If you want to mention it to their followers an email or private message introducing yourself is a much more professional way to network with others in your community.
  4. How often should you share information on your Facebook pages or on Twitter?  You don’t want to be too spammy but you want to keep your followers engaged.  How do you find that perfect balance?  A good tip to follow is to post at least one time a day but no more than once an hour depending on how large of an audience you have.  If you have a lot to say it’s better to spread it out over the entire day instead of posting several posts at the same time.
  5. Automate!  Did you know you can automate your Facebook and Twitter posts?  Even if you aren’t online your messages will reach your audience.  Facebook just release their scheduled posts feature which is really easy to learn.
  6. How can I track the effectiveness of my social media efforts?  One word – bit.ly!  It’s a great (free) service that allows you to shorten your links and will provide you with stats on how many times they are clicked on.  Just because people aren’t “Liking” or retweeting your information doesn’t mean they are reading it.
  7. I want to really engage my audience – HELP!  Have fans is only part of your social media goal, you need to make sure you keep them engaged and active so they keep coming back.  Don’t just advertise your products or posts, ask questions and allow your fans to interact with you.
  8. Listen!  What are others saying about you?  Do you know how to listen on the internet and hear compliments and complaints?  It only takes one unsatisfied customer or fan to start a social media firestorm.  My favorite tool is SocialMention.com which allows you to search blogs and forums to find out if anyone is talking about you.

I’m available for private consulting for both bloggers and small businesses.  For a summary of my experiences and services read my Media Kit.  I look forward to working with you soon!

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Hi, I'm Calley! I am a cloth diaper, green living blogger, and social media expert. I am a social media marketer by day and green blogger at night.
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