Twitter Party History

Twitter Parties are an excellent and affordable way to raise awareness about your brand, product, event, or promotion and grow your following with a momentum driven by the audience! Below is just a snapshot of recent events from more than thirty parties hosted since 2009!

Past Party Performance:

#MyGreenBaby (3/12/13)

  • 2,435 Entries
  • Trended
  • 293 Active Party Attendees
  • 2315 Tweets
  • 1182 Replies
  • 127 Links shared

#MyGreenBaby Shower (1/15/13)

  • 20,019 Entries
  • Trended
  • 540 Active Party Attendees

#Merry Green (12/11/12)

  • 1,881 Entries

#GreenGifts (11/13/12)

  • 5,415 Entries
  • 1619 Tweets #GreenGifts hashtag
  • Facebook Growth: @150 “Likes” per sponsor
  • Twitter Growth: @168 Follows per sponsor

#FluffnTweat (10/23/12)


#PhantomFluff (10/4/12)

#MyGreenBaby (9/27/12)

  • 1,812Entries

#EcoDisco (8/21/12)

#SummerFluff (6/19/12)

  • 9,386 Entries

#RealDiapers (4/17/12)

  • 4,565 Entries


“Calley has been a dream to work with! She is creative and responsive, and Rockin’ Green has worked with Calley on several occasions and been satisfied each and every time.”  Kim Webb, CEO of Rockin’ Green

“Calley knows instinctively how to publicize all things cloth diaper-related.  And she’s never afraid of the effort it will take to put something BIG on!  She’s organized and prepared and very generous with her creativity and support.  It is a pleasure to work with Calley on any project.”  Heather McNamara, Executive Director of Real Diaper Association

“Kanga Care has worked with Calley on many occasions.  Calley is our first, and thus far only, choice for running twitter parties and online marketing campaigns for product launches and anything else big that needs to take place.  I know that Calley can take anything on and always has amazing ideas and strategies to bring to the table.  I would not hesitate referring Calley to any business associate. We have yet to meet in person, but I would consider Calley a close friend at this point, and that is important in business!”  Julie Ekstrom, owner of Kanga Care and the Rump•a•rooz line of cloth diapers

“Calley did a stunning job organizing my twitter event and I was very happy with the turnout & quality of the attendees. I was impressed with the event – start to finish. Calley knows her social media territory incredibly well.  She managed the entire marketing and promotion process and it was a huge relief to me. The twitter event hosted by Calley included great content, good audience & sales opportunities for myself. She definitely gave me a common ground with high quality contacts.”  Melanie A. –


Past Sponsors:
Real Diaper Association
Onya Baby
itti bitti USA
Rockin’ Green Soap
Diapers Etc
Green Team Enterprises
Wild Orchid Baby
Dolphin Organics
Grassroots Store



Family Bedrock
Diapering Today by Willow Store
Changing Diapers & Kelly Wels
Charlie Banana & Charlie’s Soap
Sweet Pea Diapers
Mommy Doodles Design
Nifty Nappy Cloth Diapers
Project Pamona
Sacred Pregnancy
Earth Mama Angel Baby
Paperless Kitchen

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