Who is Calley Pate?

Hi, I’m Calley Pate!  Yes, that’s a picture of me.  But who am I and why are you here?

Calley Pate

15 Things About Me:

  1. I’m a wife to a sports fanatic.
  2. I’m a mom of a wonderful little blonde haired boy.
  3. I’m a mom of an adorable red-headed girl.
  4. I’m a Christian – I love Jesus!
  5. I’m a blogger, I blog over at The Eco Chic (and I guess here too).
  6. I’m a biologist and environmental scientist, at least that’s why my college degree says.
  7. I’m a marketing and social media manager in my day job.
  8. I love Twitter.
  9. I have to use Facebook for work and it’s a wonderful tool but so full of drama.
  10. I escape to Pinterest when I need some inspiration.
  11. I hate math!
  12. I’m a cloth diaper advocate and I blog a lot about cloth diapers (both for pleasure and for my job).
  13. I live in Florida and the ocean.
  14. I learn new skills very quickly and I’m self motivated.
  15. I’m loyal, trustworthy, and honest!

What one thing didn’t you know about me?  Do any of the facts above surprise you?  

About Calley

Hi, I'm Calley! I am a cloth diaper, green living blogger, and social media expert. I am a social media marketer by day and green blogger at night.
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